Matias De Dovitiis is a community advocate who is highly active in the Humber River-Black Creek area. Matias was born in Uruguay and – as an immigrant who has made Canada his home – knows what it means to have to work multiple frontline part-time jobs to get an education. He finished his own post-secondary studies with over $60,000 in debt, which took years to pay off. Matias will work alongside the many leaders fighting to create a more just, fair education system in our community and city. He wants to help build a system that listens to different voices, is flexible and responsive, and can provide high, quality education and be a springboard for the disenfranchised.

As Chief of Staff for City Councillor Anthony Perruzza and Executive Director for the DUKE Heights Business Improvement Area, Matias brought tens of millions of dollars in investment into the community. He has worked to rebuild green spaces, including parks, and public realm improvements, including roads and sewers. Matias has also worked to create exercise pods and add new playgrounds, rebuild libraries, and advance public art projects.

As an activist and organizer, Matias has worked to ensure that there are more sustainable opportunities for youth in our area. He started bursaries for various groups and schools in the tens of thousands of dollars, has personally supervised placements for over one hundred youth, and created programs for hundreds of young people. Matias has led events where kids received free bikes, laptops, backpacks, and more. He has also worked with organizations to start lunch and breakfast programs. Matias will continue to work with local parents to advocate for students and improve our schools. He will partner with active community members to bring in the necessary resources to create a more equitable public school system for our kids.

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